Implants – Multiple Ceramic


This gentleman had failing upper teeth which were unfortunately not restorable. By placing Implants we were able to load these with Multiple Ceramic Implant Crowns.



This Gentleman came with a huge fear of Dentists and also a lack of confidence in Eating, Laughing and Smiling. A combination of Crowns, Veneers, Implants and Bridgework was used to Rehabilitate his Bite and his Smile. He also found that the entire experience was not as much of an ordeal as expected and his Confidence has been greatly enhanced following the Cosmetic Overhaul.



Having spent years avoiding the dentist and embarrassed by her teeth, this lady plucked up the courage to come and have implants. She had full upper and lower implant restorations, initially, the implants were loaded with temporary bridges and then after a period of four months, her definitive restorations were constructed. She had individual crowns cemented onto a titanium framework, which was screwed to the implants.



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Denture Repairs, Relines, Additions, Replacement Components including Teeth, Alterations, Tissue Conditioning  and Cleaning are also available.



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Multiple Units 


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